5 top tips for stunning House Plants

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  • Bring your garden into your home and breathe new life into your interiors

    House plants are a wonderful way to bring a fresher feel to your home.

    We show you stylish ways to display house plants that will bring colour and flair to your interiors and give our top tips to keep them looking their best.

    Displaying House Plants

    1. Think outside the box when considering planters. Metal containers and vintage pots can create a decorative feature.

    2. Grouping plants together rather than individually can create a beautiful display.

    3. For a striking look, consider creating a living wall with wall hung containers.

    Stylish containers can enhance the beauty of the plant aswell as sit comfortably in a chic interior.

    Looking after House Plants

    Most house plants come from warmer climes and should be treated accordingly. Cacti, for example, are desert plants which require hot dry conditions while bromeliads such as guzmania, are tropicals and need warm humidity. Few plants, however, flourish in temperatures that are regularly higher
    than 24C for most house plants, dramatic temperature fluctuations
    and over-watering are the greatest dangers to a plants Health. In a centrally-heated house, group humidity-loving plants together in a shallow tray of pebbles, ideally kept on a radiator shelf beneath a window.

    1- Create adequate watering space by keeping the compost surface no more than 1cm below the pot rim.

    2. Water in the morning using a can with a long spout , so you can reach all areas of the pot.

    3. Invest in a digital maximum-minimum thermometer to record highs and lows in temperature before deciding where to position house plants.

    4. A moisture meter will give a guide to watering larger containers.

    5. Potted plants need regularly feeding with an appropriate fertilizer as pot soil quickly loses nutrients. Repot and divide plants as they grow.

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