5 ultra glam style steals

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  • Inspiring ideas to take away from this luxe and lovely contemporary home

    1 Add some sparkle
    Glamorous metals – in the form of brass, copper and silver – add zing to the living room, while the quiet rigour of a restricted colour palette (blue, green, orange) and the repetition of key motifs keep the living room elegant.

    2 Opt for saturated shades
    The owner has used deep dyed fabrics, iridescent finishes and day-glo art to add a layer of gloss to the living room. A thick pile rug makes a sumptuous finishing touch.

    3 Oversize equals opulence
    A daring, larger-than-life, approach to decorating in the dining room means the entertainment begins before the food arrives. Why be understated when you can have giant ceiling globes, gorgeous gold drapes, indoor fig trees and a giant foot to focus on?

    4 Be bold in the bedroom
    The owner’s mix-and-match style turns the usual bed-linen-headboard combo into something completely out of the ordinary, with nautical rope motifs vying for attention with baroque fabric. A great look if you want to wake up to sunshine shades.

    5 Make the bathroom luxe
    ‘I’ve always loved the throw-it-togetherness of English decorating and I think that’s what this bathroom has,’ says the American owner. The brass H hung on the wall is a vintage Hermés display from Barneys New York. And there is a Chippendale chair in there for good measure.

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