5 ways to make white interiors more interesting

White is the obvious choice for calm, modern living. Here’s how to stop rooms from looking sterile …

Add some colour

Colour and pattern will stand out against white walls and really liven things up. Try using accent colour in unexpected places to give rooms a playful feel.

Go back to black

A pinch of black is a good way to keep all-white interiors grounded and create a high impact, modern look.

Bring on the bling

Copper, gold, bronze or brass – there is a metal out there for everyone. Opt for understated accents or a single large piece for impact and let your interiors shine.

Think texture

If you’re set on an all-white scheme, then introducing texture is a good idea as it will give the room depth. Natural fabrics and wooden furniture will create a subtle effect, while texture rugs and graphics will create a cozy, bright feel and prevent the eye from getting bored.

Get back to nature

Wood floors add warmth and texture to all-white rooms, while adding luscious green plants and blooms will inject life – and stop rooms from feeling too sterile.

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