5 reasons to love the new school term

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  • It's nearly back to school time and here at Housetohome we're ready for the new term to start

    It’s nearly the end of August and that means the new school year is just around the corner. It’s time to get back to the routine of taking the kid’s to school and labouring over their homework. It’s not all bad, though. From having a tidy house to enjoying a bit of extra downtime, here’s just a few reason’s why we’re loving the new school term…

    1. Clean house
    You know the feeling when you tidy up a certain space in your home only to find it messy again a few minutes later? Now, with the children back to school, you can maintain some sort of order to your clutter (well, at least until they get home!)

    2. Extra time
    The summer is fun, chaotic and super busy. Even though we’ll miss the long warm days and constant activities with the kids, it’ll be nice to have a bit of extra time, even if it’s only a 30 min lunch break at work!

    3. Peace and quiet
    Ah, it’s good to have some peace around the house – the constant shouting, running and chatter can get a bit draining from time to time. Enjoy the
    hours that your kids are at school for the peace and quiet that’ll
    come your way. It’s reason enough to look forward to the new school year!

    4. Routine
    Sometimes you long for the routine that work and school bring. Getting back to to the reality of daily life can be a good thing for parents and kids alike.
    5. The pets are more chilled
    Pets love it when the house is busy. With a full house there are more people to make a fuss of them, and more importantly, they are likely to get tons of treats. All this excitment can lead to hyper pets getting up to no good. Thank god for the new term and the daily routine being restored!

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