6 ways to pump up your pastels

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  • Pastels don't have to be sugary sweet, as this industrial home shows us

    1. Add some ombré

    A pink and turquoise bedroom could easily end up looking like the Barbie Dream House, so how do you keep your favourite shades and still have edge? Simple – say no to solid colour and create a subtle graduated wall. Keeping the bed in the same tones as the paint, as the owner above did, makes your room more cool pop art than teen pop star.

    2. Make your accessories the centre of attention

    What’s the point in hiding away your glorious footwear collection? Make use of open storage for a dressing room focal point and an easy way to add some grittyness to the area. By mixing in biker boots and trainers alongside the more girly heels, the baby pink walls lose their potential babyishness.

    3. Show off your true colours

    When the owner of this home found a campaign poster of her father from the Sixties it was an obvious choice to offset the rose and gold curtains of her living room. Another inspired addition is the industrial pipe bookshelf below the window – cleverly combining fashion and function.

    4. Make use of industrial materials

    While the type of stairs used above may be more commonly associated with a car park or factory, the owner here softened their toughness by painting both the central structural steel and the undersides of the treads in the brightest of turquoises.

    5. Let the structure speak for itself

    From the no-nonsense oven to the steel pipes and beams, this kitchen was inherently masculine. However, the subtle touches of pink shelving, combined with the bright storage units highlight the drama of the room without disguising it in colour.

    6. Don’t forget to soften up

    Bare brick walls might seem cold and harsh, but this owner has made the material positively cozy. Add comfy sofas and plumped up cushions to create a surprisingly warm space. The brick also means you don’t have to hold back on your pastels – more is more!

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