7 home hazards only tall people can relate to

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  • Slanting ceilings and low showers are just two in a long, long list…

    Your dresses would be an appropriate length on someone else but for you, it’s dark tights all the way. Wearing heels is less of a clothing choice, more of a statement and you tower over people when stood on the tube (which, let’s face it, has got to be better than being armpit height). You’re tall and proud of it – we get the best views at concerts and don’t struggle to reach things on the high shelf in H&M… but when it comes to the home, there are a whole host of struggles people under 5’8” just don’t understand…

    Low work surfaces

    There’s nothing worse than washing up and having to stoop to do so. Not only are you lumbered with the hateful task of washing the dishes but you’re getting back ache in the process.

    Low showers

    Don’t mind me, I don’t need to wash my hair, today I’ll just shower from the shoulders down. Or crick my neck trying to get my head under the flow of water.


    It’s ok; I don’t need to lay flat in order to sleep. I’ll just crawl up in a ball. Cos it’s that or lose my toes. Cheers footboard.

    Reaching for things

    You are the designated person for getting things from the top of cupboards. That bedding someone shoved at the top of the airing cupboard. The cheese toastie machine that lives on top of the fridge. And don’t even get us started on the loft.

    Awkward shelves in the bathroom (or indeed anywhere)

    You’ve given up counting the amount of times you’ve hit your head on shelves at friends’ houses. That decorative shelf in the bathroom for candles – check. The shelf above where they store the coats – check.


    While a country cottage may be your idea of interior design perfection, for those of us in the tall department it’s an obstacle course of sloping ceilings, low doorframes and beams at just the right height to cause some serious damage.

    Extractor fans

    The kitchen hosts a whole host of hazards – before we even get to the washing up, there’s the cooking process. And heaven forbid you’re asked to use the hob – that extractor fan is just waiting to take an eye out.

    Have we missed anything? Let us know what your tall bugbears are…


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