Bathroom lighting ideas

All the expert advice you need before buying bathroom lighting

Creating the right mood in your bathroom with lighting is essential. Too bright and it will seem harsh and unwelcoming, too dim and you’ll find it hard to see what you’re doing.

Follow our expert tips to getting the light right in your bathroom.

A few expert tips for planning your bathroom lighting scheme:

* Lighting your bathroom needs the layered approach you’d use in the living room or bedroom.

* You’ll need spotlights over the bath and shower, task lighting around the mirror and wall lights to create ambience.

* You can also use LED lights set into the floor or along the base of the bath to create a relaxing mood at night.

* By fitting all the lights to different switches you can alter the mood.

* When choosing lighting, check out how far away from a water source it can be fitted.

A bathroom is divided into zones.

Bathroom lighting should be marked with the zone in which it can be safely installed.

* Zone 0 is where lights are submersed.

* Zone 1 is where they might be affected by a spray of water.

* Zone 2 is where they might get a little splashed.

* Zone 3 is the area immediately surrounding zone 2, stretching 2.4 metres horizontally and 2.25 metres vertically.

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