Beautiful budget friendly artwork

Discover stunning pieces or art work on a budget that can make your room look a million dollars

It’s only when you move to a new home or re-decorate that you realise how unfriendly a room can look with bare walls, particularly if you decorate with paint rather than wallpaper. The void may feel clean and uncluttered, but framed photographs and prints on the wall will instantly add warmth and personality to your home.

There’s no need to take out a loan to invest in a future heirloom, you can update your space with stunning art work for under £50.

Words of encouragement

This could be strategically placed in a home office to provide you with a little boost when it feels like that spread sheet will never make sense!

Some Things Take Time poster, 50 x 70cm,
£36, Sarah & Bendrix

Vintage style

The simple colours and desgn of this print evoke more than a little Art Deco style that wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary room. 10 out of 10!

Diving Lady A4 print, £18.50, Snowden Flood

Graphic design

It can be tricky to match up art work with the exisiting colours of a room, this is where this neutral beauty comes in to play. Graphic shapes draw the eye but the simple design and neutral palette allow it to blend into almost any colour scheme.

Abstract framed print, 63 x 83cm, £29.99, Dunelm

Personalised prints

It could be a spontaneously captured moment or you could have spent more time than you’re willing to admit to get that ‘we are having the best time!’ shot, either way, this is an amazing way to make a photo into a piece of art and mark that unforgettable holiday.

Personalised Vintage travel Poster, £29.99, The Drifting Bear

Minamalist monochrome

Why pears? Why not, especially for
£4! With a certain Nineties chic this print will make a minimalist statement against a plain white wall. Complete the look with a Ribba frame for just £7.

Bild pears poster, 50 x 40cm; £4, Ikea

You go girl!

Obviously not one for the ‘Man Den’, but I bet there’s at least one person you know who would love this. Perfect for a pastel bedroom or any room where you want to release your inner diva!

Beyonce poster, A4 print, £11.31, Rach Illustrates range, Etsy

Fashionista’s favourite

Highlight this print by fashion illustrator and all round style blogging guru Garance Dore in a plain black frame. It’s perfect for a monochrome room and for a super cheap update, try sticking the print up with a flash of neon washi tape.

Camera print, £20, 20 x 25.5cm, Garance Dore range, Rifle Paper range, Northlight

Guess who?

Create a wall of fame, there’s plenty of other music icons to join David in this collection of prints, so you can inject a little pop of colour along with some pop culture!

Bowie screen print, £35, 30 x 40cm, Bold
& Noble

Ethereal nature

This delicate floral is part of a set that would look beautiful displayed in a trio or if you can settle on one option, try framing a single print with a white or black box frame for a simple but striking piece of artwork.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose poster, 50 x 70cm, £55, One Must Dash

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