Pizza ovens – our pick of the best

Up your outdoor cooking game this summer with a little help from an on-trend pizza oven

Trump your neighbour’s barbecue this season by cooking up deep-pan delights in your very own pizza oven. The pizza oven has become the cool way to cook al fresco. Usually powered by wood or gas, it’ll turn out a crispy margherita in a minute or two, but you’ll also be able to use it to slow-roast meat or bake artisan breads. Plus, it’ll look totally amazing on your patio…

Buy of the week – it’s time for an Aldi Specialbuys

Gardenline Pizza Oven
It’s time to strike while the, er, ovens hot on this one folks! They’ve brought back the Aldi 3-in-1 pizza oven, which was a total sell-out last year. Boasting all the cooking credentials you need at such a low price tag, it’s easy to see why. This supermarket model combines a pizza oven, barbecue and smoker all in one.

The durable steel construction comes with a pizza stone to create the perfect crispy pizza and a chrome-plated cooking grill for all your favourite BBQ meat and fish dishes. It’s available online today and in stores from Thursday 25th May, so be quick to snap one up.
Buy now: £99.99, Aldi


BBQ Pizza Oven Grill and Smoker
An outdoor oven can be a big investment, but not this sturdy model, which has multiple cooking functions. Add the included pizza stone to use it as a regular pizza oven or pop in the water pan provided and use it as a smoker for cooking joints of meat low and slowly. The fully functional design means it can be wheeled around the garden on castors, and the built-in temperature gauge can be adjusted with the air vent to ensure optimum cooking results. H157 W70 D55cm.
Buy now: £140, Wilko

Charcoal Multifunctional Pizza Oven
This is another winning model on the cheaper side of things. First off, the stylish black and red design will look the part in the garden, plus it offers a side and lower shelf to provide storage for utensils and accessories. It’s made of chrome-plated steel, with a tempered glass window to allow you to keep an eye on the food without opening and losing heat. The cooking grill includes a pizza stone to give your dough creations an authentic Italian taste. H157 W97 D61cm.
Buy now: £150, Tesco Direct

Unni 3 Wood-fired Outdoor Pizza Oven
Go from stone-cold to stone-baked in just 10 minutes! The Uuni 3 is powered by fast-burning wood pellets that get the oven temperature up to 500°C, and it takes just 60 seconds to cook up a heavenly Hawaiian pizza – you can’t ask for better timing when it comes to entertaining. What’s more, the removable chimney and foldable legs makes it easy to sling in the boot of the car and take it wherever you may be required to host a pizza party. H65 W35 D64cm.
Buy now: £199, Lakeland

Gardeco Pizzaro Traditional Pizza Oven

Nothing says authentic quite like cooking pizza in a clay oven. This stylish design consists of a cooking dome and chiminea made from traditional, crack-resistant clay, which is guaranteed for 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock. The rustic oven cavity needs to be heated from within first. One firing is then good for cooking two to three pizzas, one at a time. 
H65 W60 D37cm.
Buy now: £599, Dobbies

Premier Wood Fired Pizza Oven
This wood burning pizza oven is made by craftsmen using traditional materials to give it an authentic look and effect when cooking. With reinforced concrete and red fire bricks, the design feels like something you’d expect to see in a small trattoria on summer trips to Italy. The rock wool lining provides amazing insulation, retaining the heat for hours at a time.

But before you start worrying about safety, know that its cork coating means that means no matter how hot the inside gets, you can touch the outside without burning yourself. Of course, it’s always best not to touch, but it’s nice to know all the same. H130 W100 D100cm.
Buy now: £889.99
Wildon Home at Wayfair

The Firepod
Rustle up perfect pizzas in this gas-powered oven. Seen above in a lush Azure Blue, this design was made to stand out, with the colour enhanced by its Mid-century style sleek oak legs and stand. You can opt from a choice of five alternative colours; fiery Lava Red, Black Charcoal, Aubergine and Cream.

The stand is optional so you can set up in the garden or pack it up and take it camping or to festivals. And it’s perfectly equipped to cook all manner of foods aside from pizza. That’s thanks to an optional griddle, which means it doubles up as a BBQ. Hungry? The best news is that the Firepod can reach optimum cooking temperature in just 6-8 minutes – an impressive feat considering that’s how long it takes to make a pizza! H44 W54 D36cm.
Buy now: £325, Firepod

Dome60 Leggro
If there’s one man who knows a thing or two about cooking the perfect pizza, it’s Mr Jamie Oliver. His Dome60 design is handmade in Italy, home of the pizza, using the best materials and high-tech finishes. It’s crack resistant, waterproof and lightweight to ensure it retains its artisan appeal without compromising on cooking performance.

Jamie knows good food, so it should come as no surprise that he wanted to achieve the best results from his pizza oven. The price may be a little steep, but think of it as an investment for years to come, because this design is built to last.
Buy now: £1650 Jamie Oliver

Once you’ve decided on your oven of choice, all you’ll need is a good pizza recipe.

And there you have it, our pick of the best pizza ovens and recipes to transform how you cook up a storm in the garden this summer. Happy entertaining all!

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