Buyer’s guide to fires

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  • From eco-chic stoves to hole-in-the-wall fires, there's a design and type for everyone

    Gas fires

    Where can it be installed? A gas fire can be installed in an open fireplace, a fire basket or an insert mounted into an existing opening, or be a built-in appliance.

    Pros – Turns on at the touch of a button and can incorporate a timer and a thermostat. Can be used in smoke-control areas and requires no fuel storage space. Doesn’t necessarily need a chimney.

    Cons – Your property has to be on the mains gas network.

    Best for – Ease and convenience, and people who don’t have room to store bulky fuel.

    How eco? – Although gas emits less Co2 than other forms of fuel, it’s not a sustainable or renewable fuel.

    Cost: From £100-£2,760. Head to Stovax, Chesney’s, The Platonic Fireplace Company, Jotul, Homebase, B&Q



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