Buyer’s guide to fires

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  • From eco-chic stoves to hole-in-the-wall fires, there's a design and type for everyone

    Solid-fuel stoves

    • Where can it be installed? – A stove is an enclosed, freestanding device that runs on logs, briquettes, coal or smokeless fuels. Multifuel stoves can run on them all.
    • Pros – Logs are the cheapest form of fuel, and DEFRA-approved Cleanburn stoves can be used in smoke-control areas. Can also be used to run central heating if a high-output back boiler is fitted.
    • Cons – No good if you’ve no storage space or access to solid fuel. All stoves require a chimney to operate.
    • Best for – The romance of a real fire, but cleaner and more efficient than open models.
    • How eco? – Logs are greenest form of fuel and 100% carbon neutral if locally sourced and burnt cleanly.
    • Cost – from £250 – £3,000
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