Camping – the essential guide

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    Before you go camping

    1) Make a checklist before you go and stick to it:

    Apart from a tent, sleeping equipment and spare clothes you’ll also need

    * Cooking equipment (stove, fuel, lighter, pan, cutlery, mug, bowl, water bottle)

    * Tools (Swiss Army knife, head torch, map and compass)

    * Food (avoid anything too heavy, and don’t forget powdered milk if you’re far away from local amenities)

    * Toilet paper and soap

    * Basic first aid kit

    * Insect repellent

    * Spare tent pegs and guylines, as well as duck tape.

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    2) Practice pitching your tent in the garden before you go. There’s nothing worse than arriving in the rain and frantically trying to read your tent’s instructions.

    3) Choose your camping site. It’s essential to plan ahead from getting directions, to researching the site’s facilities –  how the site owner feels about fire pits, whether or
    not firewood will be available, if dogs are allowed, supermarkets in
    the local area, etc.

    Visit Camping and Caravanning UK for a directory of campsites.


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