Camping – the essential guide

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    Choose the right tent


    Tents are often described by the maximum number of people that can sleep, but if you can go for one bigger than your party. You’ll need space for your clothing and equipment. Headroom is also important, so think about the height of the tent.

    Types of tent

    Dome: very easy to put up and plenty of space available in the majority of designs, but not the strongest of tents and are not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

    Geodesic: strong and ideal for extreme weather conditions, but the shape means that you’ll lose out on space in the vestibles, so won’t have too much room for storage.

    Ridge: Another strong design, but like the geodesic tents, can lose out on storage space to the shape of the design.

    Be sure to take spare tent pegs, and a couple of spare guy lines in case of breakages.


    Ventilation is very important in a tent so you’ll
    need to have a good look at doors, windows and vents.

    Some doors also act as a windbreak and some
    double-up as a canopy to give you extra space under cover but in the
    open air, which is ideal for cooking. You can also find tents with porches, which will provide useful extra space.

    The best window options are those that when ‘open’, still have a mosquito net over them so you’ll keep cool as well as avoid bites.

    Where to buy

    Great-value tents – perfect for festivals and short trips: Argos, Lidl, Halfords, Millets

    Specialised tents: Millets, Blacks, Go Outdoors, Yeomans Outdoors, Discover Leisure

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