7 Christmas arguments we all have

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  • With the pressure, the people and perfecting the pud, Christmas can be the most stressful day of the year

    Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a little tiff and some hostility amongst the family.

    When your house is full to the rafters with people who haven’t seen each other in years and the added pressure of getting the most important meal of the year right, we are allowed an argument or seven, right?

    The battle of the remote

    Believed to be the most popular argument amongst homes at Christmas, let the battle of the TV remote commence. Mums want soppy soaps, Granddads want the traditional Queen’s Speech and kids want Peppa Pig, as always.

    No one is helping with dinner

    You can’t win – if you don’t help it starts an argument but too many chefs in the kitchen causes a blow out. At the end of the day just remember, if the turkey is burnt and the Christmas cake is rock hard, it’s your fault either way.

    Mother-in-law politics

    As soon as the mother-in-law in residence has stepped through the door there is a tense air in the house. Everyone is on ceremony, the Yorkshire puddings will never be fluffy enough and don’t even let her see the Christmas tree bauble distribution…

    Cheating at board games

    Rule books at the ready – if anyone is going to cheat at a board game, they are going to do it on Christmas Day. Be prepared for a few sneaky words slipping into Scrabble and for someone rolling a dice when it’s not their turn.

    Dealing with a drunk relative

    Dad’s had a few too many tipples before dinner and Auntie is an emotional wreck declaring her love for everyone. Drinks are a sore spot for most families at Christmas as someone’s having too much whilst another isn’t having enough.

    Not tidying up after presents

    Children strew wrapping paper across the floor as they eagerly move onto the next present whilst Mum is chasing after them with a black bin sack ranting about taking their time and placing paper in the bin.

    Someone wants to change the routine

    We all love routine year after year – it’s the only way to make the hectic day run smoothly. It’s always brunch, presents, dinner, board game, cheese board and if anyone tries to invite an unexpected guest or introduce a new tradition… arguments.

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