Christmas baking recipes

We've got together with Good to Know to compile a list of our favourite Christmas recipes

Looking for festive recipe to impress your guests with this Christmas? Look no further, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favourite Christmas recipes

Mince pies

These mince pies recipe takes a bit of time to prepare – but they’re worth every fruity bite!

Mary Berry’s Christmas cake

What’s not to love about this sherry-infused, Victorian-style Christmas cake?

Christmas chocolate log

Cream, chocolate and vanilla all rolled up into a deliciously light and moist festive dessert – brilliant!

Chocolate and chestnut cupcakes

These sweet and festive chestnut and chocolate cupcakes are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit.

Iced gingerbread tree

Made from star-shaped cookies which are extremely easy to make the kids will enjoy sticking the biscuits together to assemble a tree.

Ready, steady, get baking…

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