Christmas decorating ideas for your mantelpiece

Follow these simple steps for a quick way to dress up your mantel this Christmas

Traditional Christmas mantelpiece

Lay a wire garland along the mantel with a festive flower pot and candle at each end. Hang lightweight decorations off the leaves for some shimmer and sparkle. Add a row of votive holders filled with tealights to add to the soft glow.

Finish off by winding an elastic band around a bunch of cut foliage, and hang by adding a broad ribbon and tying into a bow.


To create your own flower pot candles. Cut a piece of florist’s foam and soak in water. Place in a flower pot with a candle on top. Push foliage like holly and roses into the foam with the flower heads facing outwards to create a stunning Christmas display.


Fresh garden foliage like ivy should last a few days once cut, with holly lasting a little longer.

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