The presents we all get too many of

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  • The presents that we know we've got before we've even finished unwrapping them

    They’re the safe gifts – the ones you buy for that person who has everything or the family member you haven’t seen in years.

    We are guilty of picking them up half-heartedly at the last minute and we all know the receiver will open them with delight before tutting, throwing them to the back of the cupboards or worse yet, re-gifting them!

    Update your poor purchasing this year by steering clear of these seven gifts we all get too many of…


    Stay away from the smelly incenses

    Candles and smelly sticks are sure pleasers – everyone loves the waft of spiced apple lingering through the house at Christmas time. However, if you were to light all 478 festive candles you got this year at once, it would be a little overwhelming. Reality is cupboards become chocker with the delicious delights and forgotten about.


    Move past pyjamas

    Hugely popular amongst children particularly, pyjamas are a strong contender on our ‘presents we get too many of’ radar.
    Everyone needs a sleep set right? Instead of the usual Disney embellished set that sheds my glitter than Tinkerbell, why not go for a cosy dressing down, onesie or a knitted hot water bottle this year?


    Say no to bottomless bathroom toiletries

    Body gels, sprintzers, creams and cleansers – you name it, we’ve got it. Every year you will receive a beautifully packaged box of goodies from an Aunt, Grandma of co-worker and add it to your already bulging shelf to collect dust alongside last years abandoned bottles. Even men are getting the dreaded multi pack now.


    Slam the sock tradition

    Socks are an easy stocking stuffer, but even the fancy and festive ones aren’t getting us excited year on year. Break the sock cycle this year by getting a little creative with your stocking fillers. Buy a knit set to stitch your own footsie warmers or sign up to a sock subscription – anything but the M&S multipack again, please!


    Ban the taboo indoor shoe

    The majority of household Christmas trees in the UK will have a pair of slippers wrapped up for dad this year. Comfortable, essential, practical but oh so predictable – please, no more slip-on tartan mules that the dog will have chewed up by February!


    We won’t go coco loco for this much cocoa

    To add to the festive feast, copious amounts of Christmas pudding and endless bowls of nibbles, we always seem to get gifted more chocolate coins, lollies, bites and biscuits. We didn’t think we’d ever say it, but there’s too much food! Stay away from edible delights.


    Give up on the gloves

    An obvious last thought that got chucked into the basket at the till because everyone has hands and everyone gets cold, right? No, we don’t need them in every colour under the sun, we already have our staple leather pair and we don’t change our gloves as often as we brush our teeth.

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