What to do with that extra hour when the clocks go back (besides sleeping)

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  • On October 30th at 2am, summertime officially ends.

    The clocks go back on Sunday morning, which means you’ll have a shorter night out but an extra hour in bed, right?

    Forget about that momentary inability to tell between “backwards” and “forwards”, before gleefully exclaiming to everyone you know (several times a day) “extra hour in bed.”

    But what else could you do with that precious 60 minutes?

    Well, the morning will be lighter now …

    Plan your spring garden

    Yes, it’s already time to start planning how you’re going to light up your garden when it comes out of its winter hibernation. When it comes to spring and autumn, it’s worth thinking about one when you are working in the other.

    Use that extra hour to plan which flowers and shrubs you want to plant. The earlier you get these planted, the better, as the soil is still warm.

    Organise your clothes

    Summertime will officially be over so you can no longer hold out on slipping into that cashmere sweater in the hope that the warm weather will return. Take the time to dig out and organise those cosy items. After all, no one wants their clothes overflowing onto the floor. Here’s 7 ways clever ways to store your clothes.

    Get that life admin sorted

    Well, it has to be done.

    Get cosy with new season bed linen

    Get ready to snuggle up this winter and give your bedroom a quick and easy update by ordering some new-season bed linen. Our pick of the coziest designs will trump white sheets every time.

    Sort out your kitchen storage

    Always searching for the sumac? Can’t find those fennel seeds? Sort and store herbs, dried foods and utensils by frequency of use to make things easier come dinner time. This principle works well for your worktops too.

    Create a beautiful display

    When it comes to display shelves, organisation is paramount to success. Tidiness is also crucial. Beyond this, it’s all about getting creative.

    Think about the colour and shape of the objects you have in order to create an interesting composition. The trick is to plan your display carefully, as it shouldn’t look too contrived. It’s all about balance.

    Get out and about and pick your own pumpkin

    Take a trip to a field strewn with brightly coloured pumpkins and pick up a Halloween monster. The kids will love it too. Here’s where to go.

    Or you could just spend it here:

    Well, you do deserve it.

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