Couple decorate the same Christmas tree for 78 years

One thifty family have managed to keep the same tree since 1937

Sick and tired of wheeling out the same Christmas tree every year? Well, it could be worse – one family in Somerset have been using the same 3ft faux Christmas tree for 78 years!

Derek Parker and his wife have kept their ‘antique’ 3ft Christmas tree in the family since 1937. Below is the family pictured around the tree in 1967.

The fragile tree is made
out of wood, wire and green quilled feathers. The couple bought a set of fairy lights for the tree over 40 years ago and it still has the five baubles and angel that it came with!

Derek’s mother Lilly bought it for seven shillings and sixpence (37p) in
1937 when he was three-months-old and after he married wife Sybil in
1957 he took it with him.

The couple now keep it on the windowsill of their bedroom in fear one of
their nine great-grandchildren might accidentally damage it.

The couple have a brand new tree in the living room of their home in Crewkerne, Somerset.

“Every year I look in the bag it’s wrapped in to see if it’s still in one piece,” said Mr Parker, a retired lorry driver.

“We have to be so careful when we lift it out but it amazes me just how well it has lasted”.

Mrs Parker, 77, added: “We moved eight months ago and it has somehow survived another move.”

“The lights on it have been there for almost 40 years and we haven’t had to replace them. We haven’t even put any new decorations on for the last 30 years.

“Every time we put it in the box we pray it will come out OK again next time. To be honest it is getting very fragile but we hope it will keep going.

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