Cute tattoo designs for home lovers

Thinking of braving the ink? These home-inspired tattoo designs could be right up your street

No longer strictly the preserve of footballers, sailors and pop stars, tattoos are more desirable than ever and these pictures prove that there is something beautiful for everyone thinking of taking the plunge. So whether you’re a vintage lover or want something to remind you of home, these tattoo designs are sure to inspire!

The nomadic homebody
One for the adventurous traveller who still wants a place to call home, this cute black outline tattoo is an ode to the different styles of small dwellings to be found around the world. A true individual’s choice!

Picture by @koreanrunaway

The traditionalist
Inspired by the wonderful Georgian townhouses and elegant Victorian terraced streets with their rows of chimney pots and sash windows, this beautiful tattoo celebrates the rich architectural history of city living. Make it even more personal by getting a design commissioned of your own house.

Picture by @taniazhang

Botanics fanatics
If you’re a budding botanist or love to fill your home with greenery then this terrarium tattoo ticks all the boxes – it’s fantastically on trend, super cute and you can choose your favourite leaf shapes to make it truly original. What sets this particular design apart is the lovely detail on the plants and base of the cloche, which adds a 3D element to the tattoo without taking away from the illustrative effect.

Picture by @daisydoestattoos

The vintage lover
This quirky tattoo has all the elements to appeal to fans of the vintage home. Three different styles of traditional chairs seem to tumble down the forearm giving the design a whimsical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel, while the line work is so fine that it still looks feminine and delicate.

Picture by @soltattoo

Key to the castle
Magical and yet familiar, a key is an iconic symbol that can have so many meanings to the person getting tattooed. Is it the key to a dream home or a key to the future? When it looks this pretty, it really doesn’t matter.

Picture by @follow_the_colours

Midcentury markings
This tattoo is definitely one for the mid-century lovers, with an ode to the classic moulded wooden lounge chair designed by the amazing husband and wife design team Charles and Ray Eames. Dainty and yet effortlessly cool, this tattoo can be your calling card to other design fans – expect to get knowing nods every time you roll up your sleeves.

Picture by @sofiemarcussen

Simplicity of home
There’s something so charming about this clean black line drawing of a family home. It’s a lovely reminder of time spent in the most meaningful place on earth. As the design is simple, it could easily be scaled down to a smaller size to fit on different parts of the body such as the inside of the wrist or the back of a shoulder.

Picture by @btyne89

Spell it out
Apart from the fact that this line comes from one of the greatest films of all time, ‘there’s no place like home’ really does ring true to us all. Lovely typography makes a great starting point for a tattoo and this striking wrist design uses two different fonts to create a lovely effect that emphasises the most important word, ‘Home’.

Picture by @Polkd35

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