What is Cyber Monday? Everything you need to know about the online flash sale

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  • Cyber Monday falls on 30th November this year so get your card ready for some serious shopping deals

    Cyber Monday is the online discount event that takes place on the Monday after Black Friday. This year the online exclusive sale takes place on Monday 30th November, and you know what that means – you can shop from the comfort of your own home!

    The event is often more successful than its sister, Black Friday, as customers aren’t expected to storm rainy high streets or battle it out for bargains – you simply log on to a computer and get items delivered to your home.

    Price slashes are often even higher than those of Black Friday as retailers attempt to shift left over merchandise, which means Cyber Monday alone is set to rake in over £1 billion in just 24 hours.

    If these figures are met, then Cyber Monday 2015 will be the most successful online shopping day in British history.

    Why Cyber Monday is our favourite:

    • The term Cyber Monday was coined in America in 2005 and takes place on the first day back at work after a jolly Thanksgiving. Workers are reluctant to get back to work so the sales allow them to shop from the comfort of their desk. Work and play? Yes please.
    • A whopping 85% of people said they would be tempted by Cyber Monday’s sales this year, up from last year’s 74%.
    • There’s no need to bash people with TVs, get taken out by clothes hangers or storm the rainy high street. Cyber Monday is an online sale, which means we can shop in our pyjamas.
    • There are more choices available online as we aren’t restricted by the store’s cupboard room capacity. Stocks are always higher online, plus many websites only operate from websites now, cue Amazon.
    • It gives us second chance to pick up those slippery items that got away on Black Friday.

    All the big online players will be taking part in Cyber Monday this year, including Argos, Tesco and John Lewis. So whether it’s a Christmas gift or a secret indulgence, go cyber crazy on Monday 30th

    Happy shopping!

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