Duvet covers – our pick of the best

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Introducing a new duvet cover is the simplest way to give your bedroom an instant refresh, often an inexpensive one at that. A new bedding set is the perfect buy as the seasons change, bringing a whole new look to a bedroom without having to lift a paintbrush or hang new curtains.

With the new season collections rolling in we’re spoilt for choice for lovely duvet covers right now, but the beauty of bedding sets is that you change them every week (at the very least!) allowing you to alternate to a different style while one’s in the wash.

We’ve carefully selected the best new buys for this season; with coloured geometric prints to add instant interest and suit the popular Scandi scheme, large botanicals that are sure to make country decor bloom, bold seascapes to make an impact and classic plains to finish traditional schemes with subtle style.  Whatever your preference, the right bed linen will set the scene for a perfect night’s sleep.

As well as being swayed by the style and colour of the bedlinen when choosing your new set, consider the details of the fabric’s manufacture to make sure it is right for you…

Thread count

When buying bedlinen, the thread count is often used to judge the quality but be aware that the numbers may not always tell the whole story. Thread count is measured by counting the threads in a square inch. Linen with a count of 200 or more is generally considered to be good quality.

Higher numbers promise higher quality, but some manufacturers can count individual threads that have been twisted together to make two-ply or several-ply strands, so that the thread count appears much higher. It’s best to go on the feel and handle of the cloth.

Fibre options

The type of cotton used to make the cloth for the bedlinen is a good indicator of the quality. The longer the cotton fibre, known as the ‘staple’, the better, and Egyptian cotton is widely regarded as the best. It is carded and combed to remove the shorter fibres, leaving the longer ones in place, creating a strong fine yarn which can then be woven into a durable fabric.

Choose a weave

Percale is the description for the tight, plain weave used for many sheets and duvet covers because it creates durable bedlinen with a crisp finish. Sateen cotton cloth has long fibres on the surface, making it soft and giving a silkier feel but it can be less hard-wearing than percale. Chambray is woven using two colours of yarn, while jacquard looms can produce complex woven patterns.

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