Easter makeovers for the modern home

How to make spring pastels work for you

1, Use your pastels in unexpected places

At Easter, we’re all very used to seeing the ubiquitous spring pastels in flower arrangements, chocolate boxes and ribbons, so why not add a modern edge to these shades? Staircases can be easily overlooked as a fantastic way to add colour and drama to your space and something as simple as painting graphic stripes of pinks and blues like the home above not only appears to increase the height of the ceiling, but adds a gorgeous seasonal colour to the décor. Bonus – this is very low commitment, so if you like to change up the colours in you home you can do this here with relative ease!

2, Add blocks of colour to your table

Spring bouquets are a lovely and traditional way to decorate your Easter dining table…maybe too traditional.
Picking up striking flatware in your spring colour scheme draws attention to your homeware and can be co-ordinated with whatever modern floral arrangement you choose to go with. Try Mud Australia for gloriously chalky pastel bowls and plates like those above.

3, Use a print

Wallpapers are back and here to stay. Take inspo from the homeowners above and invest in a statement backdrop to your space. These white kitchen cabinets are lifted to a whole other level with the beautiful butterfly print alongside. To keep this equally as striking year round, pick a print with a variety of colours, and your home accessories can be used to highlight any one that works!

4, Put down your bouquets

Leave the daffodils at M&S and pick up a plant instead. A simple, pink orchid in a hurricane vase instantly updates a room to 2016, but keeps in with the spring pastel shades. For those of you who don’t care too much for flowers, bring out a large terrarium with succulents instead. Very now.

5, Don’t be too subtle

If you love colour and aren’t afraid of showing it off, turn up the volume of your colours. Pale yellows becomes nearly neon, baby pinks edge to fuchsia, while periwinkle creeps into cobalt territory. One of the key things to remember when making your home a modern paradise? Don’t be shy. Shout about what you love!

6, Change with the seasons

Want to add some modern Easter touches to your home without committing to a full on interior change? Invest in something easily moved like this floral room divider – no real commitment as it can lie flat and who doesn’t love the retro glamour of one of these babies?

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