6 ways to embrace those January blues

Christmas is over, you’re back at work and your New Year’s Resolutions were out the window quicker than your weekday lie ins. But January blues don’t have to be so bad, why not take them literally and be inspired for a 2016 redecoration?

1. Mix shades to create depth

By incorporating multiple shades of blue in one room, you can speak volumes. This is particularly helpful in making a bedroom look cosy, the more shades on your bed, the warmer it looks. An absolute must during the brisk British winter.

2. Pair with white for a dramatic look

We all know that most colours stand out best against a white background, but dark colours look particularly bold when paired with plain. Teal is the perfect colour to make a statement, and draw visitors’ eyes. The best thing is, when you’re sick of the statement you can simply start again with your clean white backdrop.

3. Don’t be afraid to go dark

Be brave and trust that your room will work shrouded in darkness. Dark colours = dark drama. Navy can be a nice alternative to black, giving you the dark edge you want without too much edge. Who said pathetic fallacy was always bad, eh?

4. Combine with another colour to create consistent style

Blue compliments a huge variety of colours, whether subtle or more outspoken. By blending just two colours together, it creates consistency without too much noise. Pink goes great with blue as it creates a sharp, but elegant contrast; the pink adds a natural touch to an otherwise dark room, bringing in some much-needed light.

5. Embrace blue’s water association

Soft lines and carefully mixed blues can create the perfect sea-effect. Not only does this look beautifully artistic, but it also creates softness reminiscent of flowing water. This can work well with a plain room, adding both a splash of colour and a wave of texture.

6. Don’t forget about the details

Why not add a hint of colour to your dinner table? Your food doesn’t always look best on a plain frame;
patterned crockery looks great under your Sunday roast, and especially great lying around the kitchen, the perfect excuse to avoid the washing up.

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