Fall in love with fairy tale-inspired interiors

Bed down like a princess and dine with pixies with these romantica, whimsical designs that bring fairy tales to life

Thanks to a surge in whimsical narratives over the past few years and mixed with an element of nostalgia that has us clinging to our favourite childhood stories, fairy tale-inspired interiors are taking our homes by glittery storm.

These fanciful designs will bring a touch of stardust to your home, without going overboard and creating a pink, pixie cave (though we secretly want one of those too!).

Channel the woodland scene

Deep in the forest you’ll find a princess sleeping in a bed of woven, wrought iron branches. This bedroom complements the showstopper bunk by mixing and clashing floral and geometric print wallpapers and curtains to create a wild, woodland canopy.

Float with feather details

This beautiful staircase is given a fanciful make over with the help of a few downy feathers. The musky blue feathers that wrap around the banister perfectly complement the English rose hues.

Dine like fairy royalty

Style a banquet table with a fairy twist by staging wild flowers in pastel shades on a simple, wooden table. Finish the dining table with beautiful, mismatched seating and a simple menu.

Create a pixie den outside

Be at one with the wild by creating a den outside. Hanging simple, paper lanterns amidst large acorns, conkers and leaves will make the perfect scene to relax alongside wildlife late at night.

Add some wicked wallpaper

If you want to add some elfin magic to your home without going overboard then wallpaper with printed vines and simple, spring-like flowers is the perfect addition. Bright, white flowers crawl up the green background.

Slumber in style under a canopy

Swathes of silk, chiffon and taffeta drape elegantly above this bed to make a princess-style canopy with a romantic twist. Finish the look with some beautiful bedding and hundred of flowers.

Hide away in a goblin hole

Nooks in the roof eaves and window seats are just where you would expect to find a village of fairies hiding away. Make the perfect retreat by hanging magical stars, twinkling fairy lights and bed down in a mound of cushions.

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