Help meowt, please!

Cat yelps for help after getting stuck up chimney breast and is recused by force of firefighters

The Fire Brigade came to one little moggy’s rescue when they helped him escape from a brick chimney breast.

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Services were called to a home in North Littleton, Worcestershire after the owner’s pet cat, Snitch, found his way behind the bricked in chimney breast and couldn’t get out.

Pet owners Roger and Susan Gardner called the emergency services after Snitch went missing and could be heard meowing behind the brick wall. It is thought the poor cat was wondering across the roof and slipped all the way down the chimney.

After the rescue services scaled the house and attempts to save the cat from the top of the chimney failed, they were forced to bore a hole in the brick wall and create an escape route for Snitch

The mission was filmed by Hereford
& Worcester fire and rescue services and was later shared on social media as one of the most unique yet rewarding rescues to date.

In the short clip Snitch can be seen poking his head through the hole and reaching for help with his sooty paw. After mastering the courage he later crawls his way seemingly unharmed.

We hope Snitch doesn’t find himself in a dark situation again!

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