Give a lamp a spring update

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  • Style up a shade for spring with colourful rubbings of fresh leaves

    Looking to light up a room in time for spring? Have a go at the simple art of leaf rubbing. Easy and fun to do, it brings the natural beauty of fresh woodland leaves indoors. What’s more, children will love to have a go; Country Homes & Interiors’ upcycled lampshade idea offers a way of displaying your artistic talent – and theirs too! Find out how…

    You will need:

    • Plain lampshade (Ikea have a good selection)
    • Wooden lamp base (ours cost £12.99, Dunelm)
    • Leaves
    • Thin white paper
    • Wax crayons
    • White thread
    • Needle

    Step 1
    Forage for lovely leaves to use as templates. Choose beautiful shapes with well-defined veins for leaf rubbing; these will produce the best results and also give a clearer impression. Make sure they’re clean and dry.

    Step 2
    Take a leaf and place a sheet of thin white paper over it. Holding the paper in position, rub across the leaf evenly with a green wax crayon, continuing until the imprint is complete.

    *Style tip: Keep it seasonal by using different coloured crayons for the leaves – shades of yellow and green work well for spring; orange and brown give an autumnal feel.

    Step 3
    Repeat until you have enough leaves, then cut them out. Take a needle and white thread, position your first leaf at the centre of the shade and attach using a single tiny stitch. Repeat to attach all the leaves, overlapping and angling them as you go.

    Step 4
    Give your lamp base a lick of white paint, leave to dry, and assemble. Place your lamp amid coloured glass bottles filled with wild foliage for a fresh display perfect for springtime.

    Looking for more leaf rubbing ideas? Why not hang a group of single leaf rubbings or prints from local orchards, or even favorite trees that have special meaning to your family. To learn more about native species, visit The Woodland Trust website.

    Visit Country Homes & Interiors’ home page for more creative ideas and inspiration.

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