Go colour crazy with our summer garland project

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  • Brighten up your space with this colourful DIY decoration

    Add a focal point to a plain wall or alcove with this creative garland. We’ve displayed ours over a mantelpiece but it would make a pretty feature hanging above a bed in a kid’s room.

    *Small round balloons, £5.50 for 20, Amazon * Coloured tissue paper, £1 per pack, Hobbycraft * Scissors & string * PVA glue * Paintbrush * Washing line * Tapestry needle

    1. Inflate the balloons so they are no bigger than 10cm in diameter. Tie a small length of string to the top of each. Cut the tissue paper into small squares of different colours.

    2. Mix two parts glue with one part water and stick the squares onto the first balloon, painting more glue on top of the squares so the tissue is completely wet. Cover each balloon and hang on a washing line to dry.

    3. Add four more layers of tissue paper to each balloon, drying in between. Once dry, hold the string and pop each balloon with scissors. Carefully remove the balloon from the paper ball and repeat with the others. Thread a length of string onto the needle and make a second hole in each ball, then thread together to make a garland.

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