How to choose blinds and shutters

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  • Keep your house looking cool with the latest innovations for windows

    Blinds – essential info

    Modern blinds do much more than just provide privacy. The latest fabrics also offer solar protection, so no more faded fabrics or floors. They also block out heat, so rooms stay comfortable without the air con – an eco-friendly way of keeping cool. With moisture-resistant, anti-fungal and dust-repellent options too, it’s easy to keep window treatments in top condition. And if it’s too hot to even pull a cord, many come with a motor option for the ultimate in operational ease.

    If you need to reduce glare, choose one of the many sheer fabrics that provide an effective and modern alternative to nets. ‘A mid-tone grey will take out glare but still provide good visibility,’ says Georgina Clark, showroom manager at Silent Gliss. ‘White reacts with the light and is harder to see through, whereas black gives the best visibility but will become totally transparent at night – fine if you’re not overlooked, but otherwise you’ll need a secondary window treatment to provide privacy.’ These mesh blinds work in a similar way to car screens, gently filtering the sun’s rays without completely blocking out a beautiful day, making them ideal if you work from home – no more struggling to see your computer screen if you’re sat near a window.

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