How to buy curtains

Transform the look of your home by dressing your windows with stylish curtains

How to make curtains work

Trends in curtain fabric are constantly changing, but the tricks for making them work remain the same.

  • Be generous with layers of sensual fabrics; for example, a silk or velvet curtain teamed with a sheer fabric backdrop. In a modern space, prevent curtains from looking heavy and old-fashioned by keeping the tops and the curtain poles simple.
  • Decide whether you want your curtains to fall to the window sill or to the floor. When measuring up for fabric, allow an extra 10cm for the top seam, and an additional 20cm for a double hem at the bottom. Not sure how to measure up for curtains? Watch our video for advice.
  • If your window treatment has pleats at the top, multiply the length of the track or pole by two and a half. For tab or tie tops, measure the length of the pole or track and allow an extra 5cm on each end of the fabric for seams.
  • When buying curtain fabric, it is also advisable to allow extra length to cover the possibility of shrinkage during dry cleaning.

From choosing the right curtain heading to 6 expert curtain tips, we show you how to choose the perfect curtains for your home.

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