How to choose stone flooring

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  • Stone is the perfect choice if you want flooring that's both practical, hardwearing and beautiful. Here's all you need to know before you buy.

    Choice and maintenance

    • Although neutrals are popular, consider more unusual shades such as the pinks and greens of Peacock Riven slate from Mandarin.
    • View as many different stones as possible.
    • Ask to see a similar floor in situ, as it can look quite different en masse and sealed.
    • Look out for interesting patterns. Mark Wilkinson of Hopton Works comments, “It is still possible to find rare colours and patterns.”
    • Check lead times as stone that is not held in stock may take longer to arrive.
    • Ensure that your stone is properly sealed. Charlie Smallbone of Paris Ceramics says, “A big misconception is that limestone floors stain or discolour with use. But modern seals preserve even the palest stone.”
    • Immediately wipe away any acidic spills.
    • Clean with a dedicated cleaner such as Lithofin Easycare.

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