How to choose the perfect blinds

Follow our top style ideas and expert tips to make your windows really stand out.

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Go for a bold bay window
Turn a bay into a feature with a bold Roman blind at each window. Roman blinds work well with most medium to heavyweight fabrics and are a great way of showing off a large-scale design.

Add a splash of colour
Now they’re available in lots of designs, vertical blinds are no longer just for offices. They’re ideal if you want more light control.

Get out of a tight spot
Try a space-saving solution for a tricky corner. Simple roller blinds or Roman blinds can fit into angles and small spaces where curtain poles just aren’t practical.

Filter the light
Get the simplicity of a roller blind, with all the light control of a Venetian. Try a blind with bands of opaque and translucent fabric which can be opened and closed (see left image).

Change scale with stripes
They may be a fashion no-no, but horizontal stripes are a great way to make a long, narrow window appear wider and shorter.

Left, Facette Shades blind in Black, from £161 for a W60 x 100cm drop blind, Luxaflex

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