How to choose the perfect blinds

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Choose the right blind

Roller blinds
Made from fabric that has been treated or stiffened, and operated by a spring mechanism or beaded side controls. Available made to order or in ready-made sizes that can be trimmed to fit the width of the window.

roller blind - housetohome

Venetian blinds
Made with horizontal wood or aluminium slats that can be tilted, raised or lowered to let in as much light as you want. Available made to order or as ready-mades which can be trimmed to size.

venetian blind - housetohome

Roman blinds
These form soft pleats when raised and hang flat when lowered. Pleats are kept in place by dowel rods sewn into casings on the lining. Usually made to order, as ready-mades come in standard sizes that can’t be altered to fit.

roman blind - housetohome

Vertical blinds
These consist of vertical strips that can be tilted or drawn using a chain control. Slats can be tilted to let in more or less light, or pulled back to the side. Verticals should be custom made to fit the window exactly.

vertical blind - housetohome

Promise Pink Roman blinds, from £64 for a W60 x 75cm drop blind, Hilarys

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