How to choose the perfect blinds

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    7 expert blind tips

    Measure up carefully
    When measuring a window recess, take your width measurements in mm from the top, middle and bottom of the recess to allow for any irregularity. Always use the smallest measurement.

    Fit more than one blind
    A number of small blinds in one window will be easier to operate than a single huge blind.

    Improve insulation
    Position blinds against the glass for the best possible insulation.

    Keep cords away from children
    Keep cords short or anchor to a cord cleat so they can’t become entangled.

    Check the surface
    Ensure the surface the blind is to be fitted on – wall or window frame – is sound enough to take the weight of the blind, and always use strong screws and Rawlplugs.

    Buy a sample
    A large, refundable sample will enable you to see how a fabric looks on a bigger scale in your room.

    Clean with a tumble dryer sheet
    Remove dust from Venetian blinds with a tumble dryer sheet – the static attracts dust.


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