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    6 expert curtain tips

    Make windows appear taller
    Hang the curtain pole 15-30cm above the window frame to draw the eye up.

    Maximise light
    Hang curtains 30-45cm wide of the frame on each side – you can then push back the curtains and see the whole window. This also makes narrow windows appear wider.

    Freshen up lightweight curtains

    Just put them in the tumble dryer on a low setting with a fabric-softener sheet.

    Check the strength of your curtain pole

    Poles are designed to hold a certain weight, so check the packaging. Fixings have to hold the weight of the fabric and will suffer stress every time you draw the curtains, so they must be strong.

    Don’t skimp on fabric

    Cutting down on the amount of fabric you buy will look mean. Economise by opting for a cheaper fabric instead – just make sure it handles well and drapes evenly.

    Measure up carefully
    Use a metal tape measure for accuracy, as a cloth one may stretch.

    Curtains made in Pimperley, £14.99 per m; blind made in Eltham, £14.99 per m; both Ashley Wilde

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