How to hang a mirror

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  • Hanging a mirror isn't just about positioning, so follow our top tips to complete the task successfully.

    Step by step

    • Check the wall. Solid brick and plasterboard walls need separate fixings so make sure you use the right one.

    • Make sure the mount or wire on the back of the mirror is strong enough to carry the weight of the mirror. Some mirrors can be very heavy. It may be better to use side fixings on a very heavy mirror to attach it directly to the wall.

    • Check to make sure there are no pipes or live electrical wires in the wall where you’ve decided to insert the fixing.

    • If fixing to a tiled wall, put a cross of masking tape over the area you wish to fix the mirror. You can then drill your hole without cracking the tile.

    • A series of three smaller mirrors often makes more of an impact than one large mirror, though make sure you use a spirit level to ensure they are all hung absolutely straight and in a perfect line.

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