How to hang a mirror

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  • You've bought a fab new mirror, so it's only right that you hang it up properly. Here's Style at Home's step-by-step guide to making sure it stays on the wall!

    It’s important that a mirror is attached to the wall safely, so it’s worth taking extra care. Follow our advice and you won’t go far wrong…

    • CHECK THE WALL You need to use the right fixings for your wall. With masonry (for example, a stone or brick wall), use a plastic Rawlplug and a screw. To hang a mirror on plasterboard, use a fixing like a spring toggle, which will be more secure than a screw.

    • TEST WITH A DETECTOR To check that there are no pipes or electric cables in the wall at the point where you plan to attach your mirror, use a detector. Cables usually run vertically up from light switches and down from sockets.
    • LOOK AT THE MIRROR’S BACK Make sure that the mount or wire on the back of your mirror is strong enough to carry its weight. If the mirror is heavy, it may be better to use side fixings like mirror plates.
    • PREPARE TILES If you want to fix your mirror to a tiled wall, place a cross of masking tape over the area before drilling with a masonry drill bit. The tape stops the drill skidding across the surface of the tile and you should be able to drill a hole without cracking the tile. Once you’ve inserted the appropriate fixing and hung your mirror, use a spirit level to check it is straight.


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