How to integrate a TV into your living room

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  • Whether you want to display your TV or disguise it, check out our smart ideas on how to integrate it into your scheme

    You’ve planned your perfect room, then you remember the TV – sitting in the corner like an uninvited guest. Thankfully, slim flatscreens can make stylish integration possible.

    Before you start decorating

    Don’t forget to check the size! A common mistake is to buy a screen that’s too big.

    ‘If you have a screen that’s too large, it’s a bit like sitting in the front row of the cinema – you can’t view the entire screen comfortably without moving your head,’ says Gavin Sykes at Bang & Olufsen‘s bracket supplier STB Brackets.

    ‘The size of screen is not determined by the size of your room – it’s actually more important to consider where you plan to sit. Even if you have a huge space, you may not sit at the other side of the room to watch TV, so, as a general rule, you should try to sit four times the distance from the screen as the screen size.’

    Ideally, the centre of the screen should be just below eye level when you view the television, as when we relax our heads tend to drop a little, so don’t mount it too high.

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