How to integrate a TV into your living room

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  • Whether you want to display your TV or disguise it, check out our smart ideas on how to integrate it into your scheme

    Mix your TV with picture frames

    Take a decorative approach and surround the TV with a mix of framed pictures to trick the eye.

    ‘To draw attention away from the TV, cluster artwork in a relaxed, uneven way around it with uneven spacing between,’ says Abigail Ahern, designer and owner of Atelier Abigail Ahern.

    Frame your pictures behind reflective glass so the light bounces off them in the same way as it does off the screen. When the TV is off, the reflection of the room will create another picture.

    A sideboard below gives space to display accessories, which will complete the look.

    How much will it cost?

    Buy wooden frames from RE, from £28. The Ribba series of frames at IKEA comes in a variety of finishes, and source quirky vintage framed prints at Steptoes Dog. Amode sells sleek white sideboards.

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