How to integrate a TV into your living room

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  • Whether you want to display your TV or disguise it, check out our smart ideas on how to integrate it into your scheme

    Place your TV in a chic cupboard

    Be inspired by Terence Conran’s Boundary hotel and conceal your TV in a freestanding cabinet.

    ‘Make sure the TV shelf is at a good viewing height when you’re sitting down on your sofa,’ says furniture designer Russell Pinch. ‘Use a four-way socket bar behind the TV, inside the cupboard, so there’s only one cable leaving the unit and you don’t have to move it to unplug anything.’ Your cable hole needs to be about 5cm square to allow for moulded plugs.

    How much will it cost?

    This Frey Armoire by Russell Pinch costs £4,625. It’s fully adapted for a 47in TV and has four DVD drawers.

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