How to integrate a TV into your living room

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  • Whether you want to display your TV or disguise it, check out our smart ideas on how to integrate it into your scheme

    Turn your TV into a clever mirror

    Hide a TV behind a piece of intelligent glass that looks like a framed mirror until you switch the TV on.

    There are two types of TV mirror. ‘With Crystal Mirror, if there is more light shining on it from the front, it looks like a regular mirror, but when you switch on the TV, light comes from behind and you can view the picture,’ says Matthew Tillman at audio specialists Gibson Music.

    ‘This can be used as a proper mirror, but can suffer from reflection when the TV is on. Black Crystal can handle more simultaneous light from the front and back, and is less prone to reflection, but it isn’t good enough to do your make up in.’

    How much will it cost?

    Gibson Music can create a Crystal Mirror panel, with a 46in TV, for around £5,750 (not including frame).

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