How to make a piped cushion

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  • Step-by-step guide on how to make a piped cushion


    1. Cut a 49cm square of fabric for the front of the cushion and two 49cm by 32cm rectangles for the back of the cushion.

    2. Cut enough 4cm strips of contrast fabric to fit around the cushion when joined – around 2 metres. Stitch to form a strip then press in half lengthways and sandwich a length of piping cord between.

    3. Stitch a 1.5cm hem along one long edge of each of the back pieces.

    4. Lay the front fabric right side up on a flat surface. Matching raw edges, pin then tack the piping in place all round the right side of the cushion front (see illustration), overlapping the two ends slightly. Remove pins.

    5. Right sides facing and matching raw edges all round, place the two back pieces on top of the front piece so that the hemmed edges overlap in the centre and the piping is sandwiched in the middle. Pin all round.

    6. Stitch cushion all round taking a 1.5cm seam. Trim seam allowance, clip corners, remove pins, turn through and press. Insert cushion pad.

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