Make a gorgeous statement cushion

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  • Give a room an instant lift by sewing this stunning cushion design

    Corsage cushion

    You will need:
    • A ready-made cushion
    • Scraps of three medium-weight fabrics
    • Buttons
    • Brooch
    • Felt square

    How to do it
    1 Draw three different-sized flower templates onto a piece of paper or card.

    2 Use the templates to cut out two of each size flower in three different fabrics. Arrange the flowers in their fabric groups in ascending order, the smallest on top.

    3 Place a button on top of the smallest flower, and use a needle and thread to sew through the button and
    secure the pile of fabric flowers together.

    4 Cut a small piece of felt out and place it between the back of the flower and the brooch pin, stitching both securely in place. Do this for all three corsages, then pin them to the cushion.

    OR TRY pinning costume jewellery brooches to the cushion instead – not too comfortable to sit against, but they’ll look dazzling and vintage in style.

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