Make a gorgeous statement cushion

Give a room an instant lift by sewing this stunning cushion design

Oxford-edge cushion

You will need:
• Fabric
• Embroidery silk
• Cushion pad
• Needle

How to do it
1) Using our basic envelope cushion method (left), make a cover in your chosen fabric but add 5cm extra (or however wide you’d like your Oxford edge to be). For a 5cm edge, if your pad is 40cm x 40cm, then cut a piece 49cm x 49cm.

2) Once made, turn the right way round and sew a running-stitch square 5cm inside the edge with a needle threaded with two strands of embroidery silk.

OR TRY machine-stitching rickrack (the zigzag-style trimming) onto the cushion, instead of running stitches, to form your edge.

How to sew a running stitch
A line of small, neat stitches that are equal in length, running stitch is also useful for creating gathers – sew two parallel rows of stitches close together along the fabric. Pull the ends of the threads gently to gather. This stitch also makes a simple embellishment, as used here on the Oxford-edge cushion.

Browse our cushion product finder for more designs, or take a look at our simple makes for more homemade inspiration.

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