7 easy tricks to make small spaces feel so much bigger

It’s time to steal back some space in your home

A small space doesn’t mean you have to be cramped. Here’s how to make those tiny rooms feel oh-so spacious.

It’s all white

We all know that white has reflective qualities but it will also open up a room, making it feel light and bright. Painting walls and ceilings in off-while will blur the line between where one ends and the other begins and as a result will make ceilings seem higher.

Mirror mirror

Decorating ideas don’t get much simpler than this: if you want to make your space look bigger, it’s all about mirrors. They are perfect for bouncing light into rooms and creating that airy, spacious feeling. It’s time to reflect …

Create a focal point

Hanging a piece of art or photography on neutral walls will give minimal rooms a theme and help to pull the whole look together.

Get organised

Getting rid of clutter is an obvious solution to making small spaces feel bigger. However, organising books and objects on open shelves by colour or size will create a streamlined look.

Show a bit of leg

Everyone has at least one room that they wish was bigger. When dealing with such a space, you’re trying to create a sense of openness. Low furniture that’s also ‘leggy’ will allow light to flow over, under and around the room.

Curb the curtains

Windows without curtains can keep spaces feeling simple while adding depth. Curtains can also prevent you from seeing outside, even if they don’t cover up the whole view, and unnecessarily chop up the space. Alternatively, try extending the curtain rod beyond the window to create the illusion of the ceiling being higher than it is.

Line up

Using striped wallpaper will add height to a room and expand the sense of space, while a rug will help to elongate the room.

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