Measuring your voile panel

Pretty up your windows with our simple step-by-step guide to making voile panel curtains

Making voile panel curtains

Step 3) Turn under 5mm and then stitch a 2cm hem along both side edges of each panel. Repeat along the bottom of each panel and press all seams.

Step 4) Wrong sides facing, place the back panel on top of the front, matching both raw edges along the top. Tack the panels together 1cm from the raw edges along the width of the panels, continuing 20cm down each side edge.

Step 5) To make a channel for the curtain pole, fold the raw edge down by 1cm and press, and then again by 15cm and press (see illustration). Pin in place and top stitch across the width of the curtain close to the folded edge. Remove tacking and pins, thread curtain on to pole and hang.

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