Practical considerations

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  • Planning a loft conversion? Create more space and add value to your home with our top tips

    Time and budget

    How long will it take?

    A simple loft conversion can be completed in 4 to 5 weeks and is the least disruptive type of extension. Scaffolding is used for access until the staircase linking the loft to the rest of the house is installed, so no materials are hauled through the house and waste can go directly down a chute into a skip outside. The work will be noisy, but won’t create as much mess as a ground-floor extension.

    Budget for the unexpected

    Installing extra electrics and plumbing is the main area where extra expenses arise, so much so that many reputable firms insist on a qualified electrician running checks before giving a quote.

    Plumbing and waste for a bathroom can be re-routed from below and the soil pipe extended on the exterior, but your old boiler might not be able to cope with the new demands. A Saniflo system that stands separately from the rest of the plumbing offers one possible solution.

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