How to regrout your wall tiles

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How to regrout your wall tiles

Have your kitchen or bathroom wall tiles seen better days? Regrouting your wall tiles is easier than you think! Do-it-yourself with elbow grease and a grout rake, or with one of these off-the-shelf products.

1. If your grout’s beyond repair, remove it with a grout rake (try Heavy Duty grout rake, £3.56, Wickes). Press the rake’s blade along the grout lines, taking care not to chip the tiles.

2. After scraping out 2mm-3mm of grout, clean the tiles and apply new grout (try UniBond Waterproof Grout, £2.98, B&Q). Wipe off the excess.

Off the shelf solutions

1. Grout Removal Kit, £14.60, Dremel; Attach to 
a Dremel multitool to remove the grout faster than by hand.

2. Exakt Saw, £79.99, JML; Or try using this mini circular saw instead of a grout rake.

3. Qep Grout Cleaner, £5.38, Wilkinson; Use 
to remove dirt, stains and mildew from your grout lines.

4. One Coat Grout Pen, £5.98, Ronseal; Discoloured grout can often be revived simply by painting it. This Ronseal grout pen does the job in one go and comes in white, black or silver.

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