How to reinvent a pine table

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  • 4 easy ways to turn an old table from staid to stunning

    A writing desk

    How to do it

    Step 1) Choose decorative wallpaper, then paint the table to complement it.

    Step 2) Cut a piece of wallpaper the same length as the table. Depending on the width of the roll, you may need two lengths to cover the whole table top. If so, place the join towards the back of the desk where it’s less likely to be noticed.

    Step 3) Use Spray Mount to attach the paper to the table and prevent it moving, then top with a cut-to-size glass panel. Avoid sharp corners by asking for polished edges when having your glass cut.

    Get the look

    Darly Indigo wallpaper (P523/05), £42 per roll, Designers Guild. Low-iron strengthened glass, £110.99 for piece shown, Preedy Glass. Table painted in Slate Blue Lt water-based eggshell, £16 for 1l, Sanderson.

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