How to style your conservatory

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  • Welcome summer with our great ideas for your garden room or conservatory

    Think of your conservatory as a summer living room – floral fabrics and wallpaper will bring the garden feel indoors, but pick seating with a substantial ‘real furniture’ feel, like these chunky rattan pieces.

    Include plenty of storage and bring in multimedia entertainment for rainy days (look for wireless systems that stream your music from a central hub, so you won’t need expensive rewiring).

    By making it the perfect zone for drinking coffee, doing homework, paying bills or catching up on crafts, you’ll get extra value from the space

    Top tips for styling your garden room:

    Use a natural colour palette Fresh shades of green, soft teal and duck egg will blend with the outdoor tones of your garden seen through the windows, especially if you mix them with rugged natural textures such as rattan and sisal.

    Add a personal touch Conservatories or garden rooms in extensions can often look bland, so add a pretty display of personal treasures. A memory box frame is the perfect place for the kids’ outdoor finds and nostalgic summer mementoes.

    Remember the entertainment The latest streaming audio entertainment systems mean you can enjoy listening to music or the radio together.

    Style your displays Group indoor plants in containers of different shapes but similar materials and styles, so the look says ‘conservatory’ rather than ‘potting shed’.

    Be inspired by our gallery of stylish conservatories.

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